Blackjack and Slots: Two of the Top Casino Games Of All Time

Without a doubt, online casinos are thriving, and why should they not: they bring both gambling classics as well as new and re-imagined games directly to your home! Thanks to online slots at, you can now live the Vegas dream using only your gambling skills and an internet-connected computer. Among the wide variety of games to pick from, two classic giants stand out: slots and blackjack. Both are steeples of the betting industry as a whole, and there is hardly a person on this planet who has not played, watched, or at least heard of both them. Thanks to their relatively simple rules and favorable house edge, slots and blackjack took especially well to the Internet. When game designers gave them a variety of appealing looks and engaging graphics to top that up, they truly became online gambling's Dynamic Duo. Read on for our breakdown of the two classics!

Blackjack: The king of the table

The history of blackjack is old and intriguing. About 4 centuries old, the game came to American casinos after the French Revolution and evolved to its current state there, quickly becoming a gambling favorite. When online casinos first came to the scene, while far from offering the present variety of games, they invariably carried blackjack. It remains the most popular non-poker card game worldwide, and it is often the subject of popular movies such as "21".

Some tips on improving your blackjack play

The most common misconception about blackjack is that you have to hit 21. This false statement alone has led numerous rookie players into an endless series of busts. In fact, your true goal is to outdo the dealer without going over 21. This means a hand of 18 or 19 is perfectly fine and you should not push your luck further.

Another common mistake is to allow distractions to throw you off your game. The beauty of online casinos is that you control your environment. Nevertheless, this does not guarantee complete focus unless you work for it. Most importantly, when you play online and go for a multiplayer setting or even choose a live dealer, do not waste time regarding other players. They have no influence on your game, and it does not pay off to count cards when you play online because they are truly randomized most of the time. Focus on your own hand and the dealer's for best results!

A word on strategy

Blackjack is not a game of chance in the real sense of the word, and you can reduce the house edge with clever and systematic play. As card counting will usually get you nowhere online, we offer you a list of unusual blackjack strategies which work well when you master them - fire away!

Slots: Your gateway into online gambling paradise

Slot machines are the first things that come to many people's minds when we talk about the best casino games. Online slots, however, are so much more than the ill-known "one-armed bandits" of the past. Based on reliable technologies (make sure you go through some online casino reviews before you pick your slots house!), they sport a multitude of great designs and game play options. Nothing will get in the way of your enjoyment there.

Making the most of online slots

When it comes to this game, your horizons are truly broad online. Your best bet is to start out with some free slots which are often a click away on your favorite search engine or social media. Get a good feel of the game, find a layout and design which works for you, and watch as your intuition and luck grow. The beauty of slots is that you can be a winner within a second, and even the smallest bet can hit the enormous jackpot!

Making slots work for you

This is a game of chance, and you had better get it straight from the start. This, however, does not mean that you cannot bet smart. Go for higher denominations (where the base per-line bet is higher), and stick with simple three-wheel games if you are after winnings. The flash is purely for fun!

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