Rules and Bets of Rulette Online

The word "roulette" comes from French and means wheel.

The origin of one of the most popular table games begins in France. Namely, French roulette is a founder of American and European roulettes. Nowadays, roulette is available not only in land-based casinos, but also online. Almost all online casinos have both types of roulettes. The only difference in online roulette is the absence of a croupier; the wheel is spinning with the help of special program that generates numbers. To see how it works simply visit an online casino and choose a section with roulette. And to compare it with other gambling games you can try online casino games at paddy power, which would be a good choice.

One of the big pluses for a gambler in online roulette is ability to think over the next bet for a needed period of time. Online roulette has many different strategies right now. Two types of roulette differ in amount of zeros on the wheel. American roulette has zero and double zero, what increase gambling house's benefit.

Roulette rules and bets

As well as slots, roulette is the game of chance. The main sense of roulette lies in making stakes on particular numbers (odd or even) or colors (red and black) of the roulette wheel. At the roulette table can sit only players and no one else.

The new game starts with cleaning roulette table from previous spin, following which croupier allows gamblers to make their bets with colored chips on layout. Stakes can be made until ball will drop on one of the slots. When the ball will fall on some slot, dealer declares winning number, pay out those who have won and clear table from losing bets. Payment according to chips depends on type of bet.

Roulette has next types of bets:

  • "Straight Bet"
  • "Five Number Bet"
  • "Corner Bet"
  • "Split Bet"
  • "Line Bet"
  • "Street Bet"
  • "Column"
  • "Dozens"
  • "Low or High"
  • "Even or Odd"
  • "Red or Black"

According to statistics, roulette is considered as most popular casino game. Of course, modern technologies give an opportunity to play at home in online casinos, however, usual roulette, as well as online roulette, has its own advantages. In spite of the fact that roulette is a game of chance, it is nevertheless interesting and exciting.

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