Card Counting - Advanced Blackjack Strategy

As players familiar with card games know, blackjack is a game of skill and card counting in this regard can help players to gain an advantage when playing. Blackjack card counting involves using a mathematical system to guess every card that is dealt from the deck of cards. This system of card counting helps players understand the cards which are remaining in the pile of cards. Blackjack card counting is quite effective because unlike other casino games, the house edge is not pre-fixed. If you hope to play blackjack in the Internet and get online casino bonus for that, that would not happen.

There are a few counting systems which are said to work when performing blackjack card counting. These are KO Count, Hi-Lo Count, Hi-Opt I Count and Hi-Opt II Count. Each of those works in a different way.

Which Counting System to Use

Considering the fact that there are different counting systems at blackjack, players are likely to want to know which method is best or easier to learn and adopt. The system that each player adopts depends on him and the extent of knowledge he possesses. There are several factors which define the type of card counting to adopt. If you are a beginner, then it is highly recommended to adopt the most basic method of card counting first. This would either be the Hi-Lo Count or the KO Count. These two methods are generally the easiest to learn and adopt. However, regardless of how simple these counting methods are, players need to ensure that they gain some experience the counting system before actually using it in a real game. You will be surprised to know that players can take months at the very least, if not some years to learn the art of blackjack card counting.

Being Successful in Counting

To be successful in counting cards when playing blackjack, more than just keeping track of these cards is required. The counter will need to be able not only to monitor the cards in a quiet scenario but also in a noisy setting like that present in a noisy casino with all distractions that are present. Successful blackjack card counters will also need to camouflage their play so that what they are doing goes unnoticed. It is definitely possible to perform blackjack card counting and win money at the casino. However, at the same time, players need to be realistic about the outcomes. While card counting can give players a slight edge over the others, this edge is as low as 1 to 2%. Also, the chances of winning based on any card counting system can vary greatly. Where the deck of cards remaining is positive, the dealer himself has an equal chance of winning as you do. Nonetheless, any slight edge that you may have is still worth chasing after. It definitely takes skill and more than that luck to win money when at the casino.

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