Casino History Details

The world has changed from what it was a few decades back and so has the world of gambling, a sport enjoyed by millions all over the world. The traditional land based dazzling and richly alive casinos are still the most attractive places for gamblers but online casinos have revolutionized the industry by providing greater access and options and the ease of operations. Due to the government gambling polices and regulations in the United States, most of the online casinos operate from outside of USA, mostly the Caribbean Islands and now also from some European and Asian countries.

The Online Casino Debut

The history of online casino is linked to the development of software needed for such hi-tech entertainment. Once the micro gaming software became available in the mid 1990s, it became possible for dreamers to realize their dreams and create a virtual world of gaming and gambling. ICI or the Internet Casino Inc . and The Gaming Club, claim to be the first in this business but controversies circle around the original debut company in online casinos.

The internet's first sportsbook called Intertops was established in 1996 and conducted its operations from the Antigua Island. The company also runs an international phone betting service since a long time before hitting the virtual world where it enjoys a good repute and provides great opportunities for fun.

The Kahanawake Gaming Commission of Canada, also established in the year 1996, not only controls online gaming in many parts of the world, it also provides license to online gaming companies all over the world.

Great Britain also started its first online casino called the Atlantis which is licensed by the Isle of Man. It is one of its kinds in the world of online gambling with thematic units, larger slot payouts, attractive offers to players and a progressively creative edge to the online casino business.

The Great Future of Online Casinos

Better software, more options, user friendliness, transparency, customer support, high levels of security and more reliable payment system have always been sought by online casinos and the public. It is these systems that initially provided the repute of reliability and safety and contributed to the success of online casinos. The quest for improvement is man's second nature and as a result, now the online casino business is a continually growing and an ever improving industry with statistical evidence of 450 online casinos and thousands of related sites working as affiliates, subsidiaries or even franchises. Favorable legal regulations are also on the go with even the European Union ruling in favor of online casinos, though some states in USA are still in a limbo. The online gambling market runs in billions making it quite evident that the online casino is here to stay and grow towards new horizons.

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