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There exist some special Conditions and Terms of use our web site, as well as certain conditions and terms are necessary in all the special offers provided to the players and governing all the promotions. It is very important that you should first become acquainted with all the terms, rules and conditions and only after having done it you are aloud to accept any of the promotional offers.

All of these conditions and terms could be translated and published in a various languages to make the process of obtaining the information easier and to provide the easier access. But only the English version is the official one and performs the legal basis in the relations between the player and the Casino. So if there is any discrepancy between the English version and the translated in some other language version of these conditions and terms, you should remember that the English version will prevail.

Conditions and Terms

1. If you play at the Roxy Palace (the Casino), you should be sure that you have carefully read, fully understood and agree to meet all the requirements provided by these Conditions and Terms.

2. The Casino is working under the full authority of Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and the Maltese legislation is applicable.

3. If you want to take part in the games and different other activities of the Casino, you must check your country of residence law and be sure that you are aloud to play in accordance with the legislation. And it is your full responsibility whether it is a legal act to play the casino games in your jurisdiction.

4. In the most of countries it is restricted to play in the Casino to persons until they have not attained the legal age of majority as it is determined in the legislation of country of player's residence. This age differs from country to country but you are definitely not aloud to play at the Casino if you are not at least eighteen years old.

5. The Casino preserves the right to request the personal information about the age of each player and demand the proof of his or her identity. So you are authorizing the Casino to be sure about your identity and your legal right to dispose the money you are waging in the process of playing.

6. The main reason of every casino game is entertainment. So there is no required or necessary purchase. It is your right to play without wager any money if you wish. And the decision to play for money is your own right and will. You understand that you do not think that the game or the Casino is unfair, indecent or offensive.

7. The Casino preserves the right to refuse your registration as a player or to cancel your player's account without any explanation and notifications any time. Your account balance on the moment of deregistration will be refunded to you any way.

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