Main Rules of Blackjack Game

Here are the simple strategies of blackjack that could win the game for you:

Unlike other games like baccarat or poker, strategies are not so important in blackjack. Of course, if we would talk about the cards counting strategy, things would be different. For the simple luck based blackjack playing, the simple blackjack rules are more than enough. Make sure not to get over 21, as you are considered a looser automatically.

First blackjack round

  1. Every player receives one card faced up. The card of the dealer is faced down, being called the “hole”
  2. The players must consider their options. Based on their card and the cards of the opponents, the player must decide if he stays in the game or not. Of course, staying in the game also implies paying the entrance fee.

Second blackjack round

  1. The second card is given to the players. This is also a faced-up card. Considering the current combination, the players must decide about drawing another card or not. The majority of blackjack games would never get to the third round, but there are some cases with players ending up with five cards in their hands.
  2. Additional bets are placed.
  3. The dealer draws card to complete his combination. He is also entitled to draw as many cards as he needs. However, the dealer would never draw more than three cards. This is an unwritten law that is respected in the majority of live casinos.

Winning conditions

  • Our current total is higher than the dealer’s (and lower or equal to 21)
  • The dealer draws too many cards, bringing his total sum to more than 21.
  • A tie is possible if the dealer and the player have equal sums

Other considerations

Although you are not conditioned by the cards of other players at the table (you are only competing with the dealer), you must keep them in your mind, especially if the cards are not shuffled after each round. This is how you could predict the next sequence of cards, or even the combination of the dealer.

Cards values

Not all the cards would keep their values. In poker or other card games, J, Q, and K are considered 12, 13, and 14 respectively. In blackjack, those cards are considered 10’s. Therefore, a queen and a jack would give you a total of 20. Usually, this is a pretty good combination that is suited for a hold. The Ace is considered 1 or 11, depending on your needs. The perfect combination is a straight Blackjack (a combination between an Ace and a Royal card). If you get that combination from the second round, you are automatically the winner of the game.

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