Common Slots Myths

There are so many myths around all casino games and each day people make up new! The same with slot machines – people make up dozens of myths about these weird machines almost every day. Some of them of course can be true, but most of them are nothing more than a fiction. Let us introduce you the most interesting slots myths!

The handle is better than buttons!

Some people think that it is better to pull the handle than to push the button. Don’t believe it – pressing buttons and pulling the lever have no difference and don’t affect your winnings or loses!

Hot and cold cycles myth

Many people believe that there are hot and cold cycles on slot machines. It means that if the machine hasn’t given out big winnings for a long time soon somebody is going to win one. NO! All machines have a RNG (random number generator)! All numbers or symbols are randomly generated all the time, and you can win or lose any next second!

My favorite slot is the best!

Some think that one machine can give you a chance to win all the time, and others can’t. It is definitely not true. Some people can be just lucky for some time, that’s it! People, not the machines, are lucky!

Cold coins

Another one of slots myths is a myth about the cold coins. Some think that it is better to play with coins than with tickets, and the coins must be cold! No! Tickets or coins – completely no difference! Hot or cold – slot machine does not check the coin’s temperature!

It is best to play on weekends

While some think that slot machines are better played on weekends, we say no! RNG does not know what a weekend is! No matter the day and the time! Another thing that the casinos may change are the betting stakes on weekends and this should be considered.

Slot’s place in the casino does matter

One of the most widely-know of slots myths is a myth about machines locations! Some say that the best machines are at the front of the casino, while the worst slots are near the cashier. It isn’t true! All slot machines, lucky or not, are the same! They all have a RNG! Not the machine must be lucky, but you are if you want to win!

There can be no such thing as two jackpots one right after another one.

If machine gave out a big prize, or even a jackpot it is impossible to win again on this machine in the nearest time. True? False! It’s a myth! Remember the RNG? It does not matter have somebody won or not, it will generate numbers or symbols, and of course it can even generate two jackpots one right after another!

Do not believe these slots myths. If you do want to increase your chances learn slots strategies!

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