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Slot machine payout can be conducted according to the dozens of various payout systems. However, in one of the easiest slot machine payout systems, the jackpot is more likely to be detected by means of measuring the notches' depth in discs that are designed to drive the slot reels.

Payout system in particular

A sort of the slot machine payout system can be observed as the essence of the slots. It is important to be aware of the payout processing in order to organize the bankroll management in the best possible way. Thus, the slot can accept the one particular kind of the coin, and there can be the only one combination of slots symbols that is winning.

The way it works

Slot machine payout system is known to be working according to the following principles. When the coin is inserted into the slots, the coin actually falls into the so called transparent case. The case's bottom is designed as a movable shutter which connects the special metal linkage.
Traditionally, this very linkage is designed to hold the above mentioned shutter closed. However, if slots hit the jackpot, the linkage is shifted up by means of the third slots stopper. In such a way the shutter turns out to be opened and the coins can fall out from the machine.
It is essential to know that each of the 3 discs has special notches designed for each of the stop positions of slots reels. The notch designed especially for jackpot stop is considered to be deeper in comparison with the other stops.

Electronic slot machine payout system

Traditionally, the slot machines can have even more elaborately designed versions in order to pay off the partial remunerations on the particular symbol combinations and repay the jackpot combination completely.
However, in some of the other designs of the payout systems that are used in electrical slot machines, the discs that are designed to drive the slot reels have the series of contacts made of the metal that are attached to them. Each stop that is on each reel is sure to close different switches in the slots electrical system. Thus, particular combinations of the so called closed switches that are actually the winners of the jackpots will configure the electrical circuit of the slots to process the payout slots mechanism.
In the most innovative slots, the slots machine payout based on the photoelectric cells is used.

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