Online Gambling Rules All Over the World

Gambling is an activity that has been around for centuries and it took time for it to be legalized even in developed countries. The perception of people and culture towards gambling is one of the main reasons why up to now it is not legalized in other countries. This trend has remained the same despite the growing numbers of online casino gamers who are finding alternative places to gamble as there are no legal casino halls in their countries.

Since the introduction and subsequent adoption of online gambling, countries where gambling activity is legalized still need to be very careful not to break any of the law restrictions. The matter is that online gambling has a special status – not all countries have decided whether it is legal activity or not. Online gambling rules all over the world are applied differently in different countries. They are similar to any other laws of the land and they are specifically meant to maintain law and order in an industry that is growing fast.

Problems of Online Gambling

Online gambling rules keep changing with the development in technological field. The main problem is that these changes sometimes happen so fast making it hard for the relevant bodies to constitute and enact laws that are able to regulate online gambling without them leaving loopholes that can be used by players.

Despite the difference in laws of a country there are some online gambling rules that are common among all countries. The underage rule is applicable in all countries that have legalized gambling. Letting an underage gamble under your account can attract severe penalties. Online casinos are tying to put measures to restrict people who are not of the right age from gambling by issuing passwords on accounts of all online gamers and checking their personal information. Of course, this can be hardly done, as not everyone is ready to uncover their personal data at gambling websites.

One more problem of online casinos is differences of rules at the territory of one country. This is mainly because of the difference in state laws which vary from one state to another (like in the USA where in some stated rules are legalized, in other – completely prohibited). This makes it challenging to implement the federal laws at the state level.

Mobile Gambling – Problem or Not?

It is estimated that the growth of mobile gambling is going to reach billions of dollars by the year 2017. This means that gambling on handheld gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets is growing fast and this is one more of the areas of challenge that different countries around the world may face very soon. Players are free to download any gambling related software and the authorities are unable to effectively monitor all mobile phone users.

We recommend you to learn laws that are applicable in your country to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Gamble wisely!

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