Slots Types and Rules

History of slot machines began in 1895 year. It was heavy iron machines with three drums and only five symbols. With the plan of time, these symbols were replaced by 50 card faces, what made slots much more popular.

Another name of slot is "one arm bandit" that was received due to the lever, which is situated on the machine's right side. Today slot machines have three or five reels and are equipped both with lever and button. The integral part of slots is so called currency detector that makes out coins. Today, playing slots became very popular, especially for beginners. This type of gambling is easy, has a lot of attractive themes, require small bet to start game and in addition gives more opportunity to win big amounts of money.

Moreover, it is not necessary to visit gambling houses in order to play such casino games as slots: it can be also done through the Internet. There is almost no difference between online slot and casino's one. They are distinguished only by the way of getting earned money, through cash desk in casino or through the virtual account. In comparison with other casino games, slots are based on fortune.

Types of slots

There are three types of slots that are similar both for online gambling and casino.

  • Straight slots. It is the simplest type of slots, because it is easy to play and understand.
  • Progressive slots. This type plays the same as previous one, but it has one important peculiarity which is the following: one or several slots are connected among another group of same slots. When a gambler starts play, some small part of his bet is taken to general jackpot. The only thing remains to do - to win until someone else on the same machine will not do this first.
  • Bonus slots. This machines offer extra games for extra bets, when a player receive certain combination of symbol on the monitor.

Before starting a slot game it is quite important to know personal possibilities. In comparison with Blackjack, for example, slots have no strategy. It will be not out of place to remember that it is very essential to know payout percentage and payout schedule of each slot machine.

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