Play and Run Strategy for Winner

Before jumping into this particular method of "Play & Run", you have to get a better understanding of two concepts that are very essential for this strategy. The Naked Pulls denotes a kind of spin that ends up without a win. The player has to decide on the number of spins that he can continue without any win while playing the slot games.

As there is a chance for you to move to another machine, you must have to decide this before it is too late. The Loss Limit is a kind of percentage of your deposited money that you can lose at the time of leaving the machine. If you can decide on these two things appropriately, you can easily shield your profit between the Loss Limit and Naked Pulls. That means you do not have to deposit another good amount of money after a bad start with a machine.

How does Play & Run Work?

Play & Run strategy is especially designed for the people with limited bankroll and you should not feel inferiority within your mind for having small bankroll. In the starting, you have to split your bankroll into different amount of funds for different machines. For your better understanding of this let me clarify this with the help of an example. Let just imagine that you have a bankroll of $60. This $60 bankroll can easily be split up in ten ways for ten different sorts of machines.

Decide on your loss limit and naked pulls depending on the amount of your bankroll for securing your profit and just keep them in your mind. This will be considered as the key to be the winner. So, be cautious while deciding on these two. If you have low bankroll, then it would not be good for you to play with a machine that has high minimums. So, you must have to go for the machine that has a bit low minimum, 25 cent would be great. From the beginning to the end of the game, you have to play with only one coin not more than that.

As this is not like any step by step system, you could not increase your bet even after winning a few rounds and it always should be one coin per spin. In fact, Play & Run strategy usually works in this way. After 20 spin, you don't have to stick to that machine even if you are in up position. If you failed to up your credit, then run! While playing you must have to watch your loss limit and naked pulls and have to leave the machine just after reaching that!

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