Operator & Silent Bell - A History Overview

Mills Liberty Bell was mixed of the classic Liberty Bell and cast iron. Actually the cast iron was ahead of the machine. Initially the slot machine had iron feet amid toes, in the later version this iron feet was replaced by the ornate scrolled feet. The player can show the playing cards on the machine reels and there was also a bell that was rung at the time of winning.

This feature was dropper later but after some years it was refurnished. For this type of slot machine Charles Fey got losses and after some day his slot machine making factory was destroyed by earthquake. However after some years in 1944 Charles Fey died, Mills' business was continued.

A Booming Industry:

People started to find slot machines everywhere form 1910. At that time Mills Novelty Company different version of a lot machine and they gave name Operator Bell. This type of slot machine had same type of fruit symbols as previous but there were more were more options for coin entry. But still this company was producing new versions of slot machines. After the First World War this company opened its new branch in Europe. Their factories produced more than 30,000 game machines.

The new wave slot machines included with new cabinet designs and also included different themes as for examples- the War Eagle, the Lion Head and the Roman Head. In 1933 a new theme named the Castle Front was included.

The theme War Eagle was also included a unique coin acceptor which was able to display the moving of the coins at the top of the slot machine. In order to activate the machine the slug was also used. The innovative specification also added extra movement. Mills was died in 1992. At the time of his death he was 57 years old. Mills died by leaving a bright future for eight children and wife.

Prohibition of Slot Machines:

The law for the slot games was changed in 1909. The old laws were thrown away and latest laws were imposed to it. According to the new laws the slot machines might no longer give out cash. The bar owners and the slot machine manufacturers made some new techniques in order to deal with the new laws. They started to give some prizes like Gum, Cady for different combinations of some symbols.

Coming Back

By ignoring the government the gamming industries started continued their business. In 1931, gambling was lawful in Nevada. Different companies took this opportunity, they started to produce new slot machines and sell those to Nevada in different casinos.

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