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On this page let us introduce you the slots’ symbols. You may have seen them but what is the meaning? There is an astonishing variety of symbols, and you need to guess their meaning in order to know how to play!

Scatter symbol

First of all let us explain you what is a scatter symbol. Scatter symbols are any special symbols in the slot machine which activate special prizes, bonus levels and other. They can be located anywhere on the screen, and don’t have to be on any payline to be activated. The also called wild symbols because of that.

Scatter symbols can be simply a multiplier – they multiply player’s winnings, for example on two or even more.

Another scatter symbols activate bonus levels, allowing players to win more money with their luck or skills and without any additional betting.

The most popular scatter symbol is the bonus coins scatter icon. This symbol does not activate any bonus levels or games – it simply gives out bonus money right to the player!

Now let’s talk about symbols’ look.

Kitty Glitter

One of the most popular land based slot machine is a Kitty Glitter slot machine. It is land based, with of course an online version, slot machine where all scatter symbols have a look of the pretty little kittens. Cat lovers tremble!

Celebrities’ slots

Celebrities take a great part in our life, and they have a lot of fans, we are sure that you are a fan of many of them! Land based and online casinos have celebrities’ slots. You can choose slot machine dedicated to your own celebrity, like:

Frank Sinatra - famous singer with interesting life! You can make a journey through his life playing Sinatra Slots along with bonus spins.

Elvis Presley - The King of Rock’n’Roll and love of millions through all of the world, also the King of Las Vegas. No wonder he has his own slot machines!

The Osbournes - after emerging The OsbournesTV show, entire family become very popular, and now they have their own slot machines even with their dogs’ symbols on them.

Heroes’ slots

Heroes’ fans you can find slot machines on your test as well. For fans of the DC comics production there is The Superman video slots. Slot machines that were first produced by Cryptologic in December 2009 became very popular.

For fans of Marvel heroes there is a splendid variety of slots with your heroes like Spider man, Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four.

All these and many other slot machines with your favorite celebrities, heroes and other personalities can be found in casinos worldwide and in almost at any online casinos.

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